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Starting a new business or running an existing one are both rewarding and stressful experiences for owners and entrepreneurs. Growing the top line, keeping costs in check, and/or ensuring your product/service stay in demand are all areas that are typically top of mind. However, when it comes to utilizing professional services such as legal advice, many are hesitant to engage because of the cost or time.

At James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C., we understand this view and can assure you that we, like you, are here to help you and your business to grow. We offer practical and experienced advice that focuses on pragmatic solutions for your business legal needs. From deciding on the right organizational structure for a start-up, to daily operational issues, to growing through acquisition and eventually transitioning your business, we have the experience necessary to ensure that your legal affairs are in order. We offer legal advice with a business owner mindset.

Some of our most in-demand services include:

Business Formation

We love making sure business owners start their journey on the right foot. We’ll educate you and help you decide if you want to form an LLC, Corporation, Partnership or sole proprietorship.

Employment Relations

You sleep well at night knowing that you treat your employees with the utmost respect and fairness. However, at times an employee dispute is out of your control. Contact the Law offices of James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C. today. We’ll guide you through the complicated employee legalities.

Business Transactions

From crafting the perfect documents, making sure the proper language is included in contracts and even walking you through all of the necessary legal steps, we have the expertise to tackle all of your complex business transactions.

Business Litigation

Taking the road less traveled and starting your own business isn’t for everyone. Often times, businesses become victimized by the illegal acts of vendors, partners, and competitors. We have the expertise to tackle all of your corporate litigation to make sure you’re protected.

Commercial Real Estate

Any decision regarding commercial real estate is a big decision. These large deals are complicated, time-consuming, and normally involve large sums of money and very complicated financial agreements. Make sure you have us on your side before you enter any real estate transaction.

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Is there a piece of your business that’s weak or perhaps a part of your business doesn’t resonate with the core business? Perhaps you see opportunity in someone else’s business and you’re interested in a purchase? Let us handle the complicated process of acquiring a business or selling a business.

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The Law Office of James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C. is involved in all major areas of business law. We offer business litigation, business formations and more.

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