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It’s not easy being a business owner. Starting, operating and growing a business is not for people with thin skin. If you take the road less traveled and venture out into business, it’s very common that businesses become victimized by the illegal acts of competitors, partners, and even vendors.

Competitors don’t always wish their competition success. In many cases, competitors will seek any opportunity to derail their progress or to take advantage of business opportunities for themselves.

In many cases, a business owner chooses the wrong business partner. The wrong business partner can result in enormous legal consequences. Perhaps the partner turns out to be dishonest, incompetent, or the partner just doesn’t fulfill a promise made to a client or customer.

In other cases, a business gets targeted because of an anti-competitive practice or a simple desire to misappropriate intellectual property. Often, we think we’re heading down a straight and narrow path and we don’t even realize we’re putting ourselves in the middle of a potential lawsuit.

At James Roberts Sanders Esquire, P.C. we know that it’s not if things go wrong, it’s when. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you get through these difficult situations and even uphold your right to recover your losses (when necessary).

Our Business Litigation Strategy

When we consider a lawsuit for a company, we understand that defense tactics are a small part of the trial. With the right trial counsel from James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C., we will help you align your litigation strategy with the objectives of your business. We want to make sure that you remain on your path to success through your business ventures.

Our Unique Approach

We understand business law and corporate litigation because we are local business owners, like you. We know that corporate litigation can mean that business progress stops dead in its tracks. Let us focus on the stress of the litigation so you can get back to providing eye care, changing tires or anything your business provides.


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James Robert Sanders, Esquire

James Robert Sanders, Esquire

The Law Office of James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C. is involved in all major areas of business law. We offer business litigation, business formations and more.

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