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The definition of a transaction is:

“Act of transacting or conducting any business; negotiation; management; proceeding. It may involve selling, leasing, borrowing, mortgaging or lending”

At James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C. we understand that transactions are some of the most important parts of running a business. In fact, most businesses wouldn’t exist without transaction opportunities. Services are offered to clients every day and goods are constantly being sold. Money changes hands and relationships are created and dissolved.

We are extremely familiar with business transaction law and have the expertise to craft and negotiate documents. We can assist you with satisfying contract requirements and initiate and assist you with closings.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We have one goal in mind: To help you improve your ability to successfully and effectively transact your business. We want to make sure that our expertise in business transactions law protects you and your business from unexpected and unreasonable exposure to liability and risk.

At James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C., we are fully capable of handling all types of business transactions, which you may encounter as you grow your business. Some of the transactions include:

  • Agreements with employment, which includes highly compensated executives and sales individuals with complicated bonus and commission structures and non-competition and other restrictive agreements.
  • Agreements for executive compensations which include non-qualified deferred compensation plans, bonuses, and stock appreciation rights.
  • Transactions which include borrowing and lending with both banks and private lenders
  • Independent contractor relationships
  • Joint Venture Relationships
  • License, sell and acquire copyright, trademark and other intellectual property assets.
  • Trademark, Copyright and other Intellectual Property issues
  • Vendor transactions that include the retail and wholesale buying and selling of goods and services.


Our services include:

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James Robert Sanders, Esquire

James Robert Sanders, Esquire

The Law Office of James Robert Sanders Esquire, P.C. is involved in all major areas of business law. We offer business litigation, business formations and more.

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